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Tam Versiyon: cheap Semi-metallic Gasket
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Rubber Metal gaskets have amassed a wide range of applications in sealing  technology. Wherever the secure sealing of media with an exceptionally low leak rate, as well as low bolt loads at relatively low temperatures is required, rubber-metal gaskets provide the optimal solution.
Suitable to working pressure up to 25 bar.
Type RM
Type RMR
Type RMO
Type RMY
Temperature Resistance
EPDM  -30°  to + 120°C
NBR     -25°  to + 70°C
FKM     -20°  to + 200°C
- Improved blow-out safety.
- Perfect sealing at lower bolt loads.
- Suitable for fragile components like plastic flanges.
- Suitable to drink water, KTW approved.
Suitable to drink water, KTW approved.
- Power plant technology.
- Water and waste water technology.
- Flange connections.
- Pipe connections.
- Building services industry.
Gasket Profiles
Supply Data
Standard in DIN, ANSI sizes, also available in special Semi-metallic Gasket