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Features of High pressure rotary adapter
The utility model can prevent the bending of the high-pressure pipe while using, and avoid the safety accidents caused by the burst pipe
The SH series rotary coupling reduces the torque at the hose, makes it easy to rotate, and makes it easier to operate the water jet
15k - 20k psi · Fast & Slow Rotation · Small Flow & Big Flow
RJ(Rotating Joint)series rotary coupling is made of strong and reliable stainless steel and easy to operate. It is combined by self-lubrication heavy ball bearings, stainless steel rotor and durable high pressure sealing. It makes the RJ rotary coupling to be used in any rotating connection. It can equipped with 0°or 90°connection according to the operating condition.
RJ Series Specifications
Max pressure1000Bar/15Kpsi1000Bar/15Kpsi1400Bar/20Kpsi1400Bar/20Kpsi
Max flow80L/M150L/M80L/M50L/M
Rotation speed600rpm600rpm600rpm600rpm
Inlet thread1/2npt3/4npt3/4npt3/4npt
Outlet thread1/2npt3/4npt3/4npt3/4npt
Inlet degree0°or 90°0°or 90°0°or 90°0°or 90°
Max pressure1000bar/15kpsi1400bar/20Kpsi
Rotation speed250rpm250rpm
Max flow150lpm150lpm
Inlet threadM14*1.5 or9/1UNFM14*1.5 or9/1UNF
Shaft threadM20*1.5M22x1.5
Diameter53mm53mmBuy Cleaning Nozzle